Friday, August 5, 2011

Define "Sketch"

AP Students:
Have fun with your sketchbook! It is an assignment but don't labor too much and take all the fun out of it.

Sketches often include notes.
Notes can include descriptions of colors, textures or lighting!
Sketches can be inspired by magazine clippings, advertisements or any visual imagery! Add these to your collection in your sketchbook!

Define Sketch?
- a rough idea
- the basic elements
- a quick interpretation of something
- a quick plan for a possible later product
- essential features
- a preliminary layout
- a quick study
- an outline
- a workup

This is an online resource of 100's of links to artists sketchbooks from all over the world. Many of them are master artists. Click here to explore.

This is a cool exploration of a variety of sketchbooks. It is a project started by an artist and teacher. Click any sketch and get an explanation of the work, artist, media and more info links. Click here to explore.

This is an artist living in France and working in a sketchbook every day. Beautiful, fresh drawings of every day things. Click here.

The 2012 Art House Co-op World Tour Sketchbook Project! Click here. Here is my entry for 2012 - think I might do it again!

Here is a small sample of my own personal sketchbook. Click here.


softshirotenshi said...

So... what we do is define "sketch" and make some, then make some notes to go with them...?


(a very confused artist)

D. A. Bickford said...

This is not an "extra assignment" In fact, it is not really an assignment at all. Its really just a post about what it means to do "sketches" My goal with this post was to get you guys to think really BROAD about how to do your sketchbook assignments. I want this post to help you explore the concept of "sketch" and try different ways to get ideas down. Hope you are less confused now!

softshirotenshi said...

Awesome! Thank you so much for the help.

softshirotenshi said...

Hello! I figured this was the fastest way to ask you this, but it's not a comment that needs to be posted. Anyways, I was wondering for the 5 concentration images, if I chose to use color as the element and I chose the theme of analogous, could I use one analogous theme on one image and use a different combination for another drawing? Or do I have to use the same analogous colors for all 5 drawings? I was just wondering.

D. A. Bickford said...

Im not really sure how I missed the last question about analogous and concentration but it is posted now....
You said 5 concentration images and I think you meant 5 drawings in ONE design principle - since we are already in school - lets talk about it Thurs :-)